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Welcome to our links page – a directory of links to various aspects of Sri Chinmoy's inspirational life and activities; to vegetarian cafes, restaurants and other enterprises run by members of the Sri Chinmoy Centre around the world – and to various personal websites maintained by Sri Chinmoy's students. We hope you find these links helpful and inspiring.

Sri Chinmoy Links


Sri ChinmoyLinks to websites dealing with all aspects of Sri Chinmoy's life, activities and teachings.

  • Sri Chinmoy: the official complete source. Sri Chinmoy is a spiritual teacher who has tirelessly dedicated his life to the fulfilment of the unlimited potential of the human spirit and to the pursuit of global harmony. This uplifting site shares information about Sri Chinmoy’s life and teachings; as well as his writings, music and artistic creations.
  • Life of Sri Chinmoy – a web site dedicated to the remarkable life of spiritual teacher Sri Chinmoy. Life of Sri Chinmoy currently presents extracts from Sri Chinmoy's own writings in chronological order, drawing from the large but as yet unconsolidated volume of autobiographical material that he has published.
  • Sri Chinmoy Library – through his many books of talks, questions and answers, poetry, essays, plays and short stories, Sri Chinmoy has conveyed the richness and diversity of the quest for inner harmony and self-understanding. Here is a wonderful online source for more than a thousand of Sri Chinmoy's books.
  • Sri Chinmoy Poetry – a website offering a selection of poetry from Sri Chinmoy's prolific output which spans many decades and poetic modes. A 'must visit' for lovers of illumining poetry. As a professor of language studies at a prominent US university once stated, "Sri Chinmoy's poems are beautiful in their simplicity and profound in their significance."
  • Sri Chinmoy Books – a website dedicated to the distribution of Sri Chinmoy's literature and music.
  • Radio Sri Chinmoy – listen to spiritual music online. Experience the meditative and soul-stirring music of Maestro Sri Chinmoy. Select from Sri Chinmoy’s uplifting flute performances, soulful singing, resonant stringed instruments, magical keyboard, power-filled pipe organ and charming extemporaneous compositions. This site also offers poetry being read by Sri Chinmoy, performances of Sri Chinmoy's music by his students, news, interviews, plays, stories and more.
  • Sri Chinmoy Songs – an online library that offers a vast collection of Sri Chinmoy's songs in both his native Bengali and English. These songs are devotional in nature and are based on Sri Chinmoy's direct experiences of God and the spiritual life. Sri Chinmoy Songs has a search facility, offers printable musical scores and recordings.
  • Sri Chinmoy Concerts - since 1984, Sri Chinmoy performed his meditative music free of charge at 777 concerts worldwide. During these concerts, Sri Chinmoy played his own compositions and improvised on a variety of Eastern and Western instruments. He usually performed on a dozen different instruments and, on occasion, had played up to 150 instruments in a single concert.
  • Sri Chinmoy Music – in Sri Chinmoy's words, "God is the Supreme Musician." This site celebrates music as a secret signature of the Divine; a sacred bridge between Heaven and earth and a choice manifestation of God.
  • Sri Chinmoy TV – view video clips of Sri Chinmoy performing music, singing, reading poetry, lifting weights, painting and more. Sri Chinmoy TV also features Inspiration News, short films, plays and interviews.
  • Inspiration-Lifts – the weightlifting feats of Sri Chinmoy.
  • Sri Chinmoy Art – Sri Chinmoy once stated, "Both art and spirituality have a goal, and that goal is supreme joy, supreme delight." Sri Chinmoy Art takes you to the beautiful world of Sri Chinmoy’s vast meditative art works. View a selection of his Jharna Kala (Bengali for Fountain-Art), paintings of brilliant colours and harmonising designs. Soon to come are selections from Sri Chinmoy's extensive collection of soul-birds drawings.
  • The Yoga of Sri Chinmoy – presenting Sri Chinmoy's teachings and philosophy.

Sri Chinmoy Biographical Books

Projects inspired by Sri Chinmoy

  • Sri Chinmoy Centre – a website maintained by Sri Chinmoy's students from around the world with detailed information about free meditation workshops in many countries, inspirational editorial articles and Members Homepages, an extensive Photo Gallery, news, views and much more.
  • Sri Chinmoy Marathon Team – an organisation created to offer the global running community a variety of running events from 2 mile fun runs through to the marathon and triathlons, and longer multi-day events such as the 1,300 mile race. Many members of the Sri Chinmoy Marathon Team are involved in channel swimming, mountaineering, competitive cycling, track and field and a host of recreational sports activities.
  • 3100 Mile Race – a website for the Sri Chinmoy Marathon Team's 3100 Mile Race.
  • The World Harmony Run – an annual global torch relay seeking to strengthen international friendship and harmony.
  • The Oneness-Heart-Tears and Smiles Worldwide Humanitarian Service – a global project inspired by Sri Chinmoy in 1990 to be of service during the time of terrible food shortages in Russia. Since 2000, The Oneness-Heart-Tears and Smiles has developed a global network and have active centres in over 40 countries.

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